Featured Employees

Deb Bentley

Deb started her career at the Westerly Nursing Home in 1977! At that time she worked the 3-11 shift as a C.N.A. Deb left the nursing home for a brief period of time in order to care for her three young daughters: Jamie, Amanda and Danielle. She came back in Oct. of 1988 and hasn’t looked back! 

Deb has a multitude of gifts, not the least of which is consistency and organization. When Deb gives you her word, it is as good as money in the bank. Ask her for a pen, a marker, a set of nail clippers, scissors, needle nose pliers, tape… her hand reaches into her pocket and presto!!… the needed item is there. She is a magician! Oh and if you need a certain wheelchair, walker, table, chair, anything, Deb will know just where to find it. She can name residents from years ago, tell you what room they were in and the special quirks of their personality. 

Deb’s role in the facility has grown to include scheduling – quite a challenge for such a planner – throw her a last minute call-out, or a needed change in days off or holidays, and you’ll see her twitch, and then she’ll get right to work at covering the time. 

Deb is an extremely devoted employee. She takes everything she does very seriously; this isn’t to imply that she doesn’t have a great sense of humor and the ability to have fun (as long as it fits in the schedule). Rather, it is an example of her sense of responsibility.

We have been blessed by Deb’s gifts tenfold! She is the quiet voice of reason and organization that keeps the place rolling. She is not one who does a good job for the accolades. She goes about her business with an unobtrusive confidence.

The Westerly Nursing Home is fortunate to have Deb on staff. We are proud of the job she does, the kindness that she shows, and the sense of order that she brings to the workplace. Thank you Deb!

National Volunteer Month – Angie Sirois

Angie has been volunteering at The Westerly Nursing Home for 17 years!

Angie’s husband was buried on a Saturday, Angie was grief stricken and showed up at the the nursing home the following Monday. She wanted to do something to help others, to ease her own pain! Many times she has said,”these people saved my life”.

Angie has helped so many of our residents. One male resident who was somewhat difficult, would wait outside his room for Angie – he would break into a huge smile when he saw her!! Together they did countless jigsaw puzzles. She gave him something to look forward to and enjoy each week.Every time we have needed Angie, she has been there. Activity staff states that Angie is the hardest working, most independent, selfless women they have met.Everyone – staff, residents, and families love her and appreciate her efforts.

Recently she has been teaching residents to play a card game: Kings in the corner. Every Tuesday they will ask “when is Angie going to be in?”

We have been blessed with this wonderful woman for 17 years – and she shows no sign of slowing down.

Thank you Angie. We love you!!

Andrew St. Clair

Andrew began his career at the nursing home 20 years ago as a mere lad of 21! His first task – mow the overgrown lawn in back of the building. Since that day two decades ago, Andrew has become an integral part of the nursing home family. He has learned as he went, mastering plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems, equipment repair – you name it, if it happens at this place, Andrew knows how to fix it. He is everyone’s brother, son, work husband, father… but more importantly, friend. 

Andrew can be seen dressed as Santa and St. Patrick. He can string lights and decorations with the most talented of interior designers. He has helped at brunches and candlelight dinners. 

He has loved and lost many of our residents. He is quick to give a hug, has a laugh that starts at his toes and always seems to find the good in all. He takes a ration of grief from his fellow employees – imagine working with sixty women! – and does it, at least for the most part, with a smile. He is perpetually calm. He has been with “us women” through marriages, births, divorces, deaths, and menopause, not an easy task! 

The patients love Andrew, every one of them has felt the warmth of his hugs and heard the love in his laughter. Families always comment about what a great guy he is and how much he does for everyone. How many building supervisors would dress as Santa and arrive on a tractor for Christmas in July? How many would gently hold a rabbit for a dementia resident to pet? How many would go outside in a winter snowstorm to clean off the cars of his co-workers? How many would go to a co-worker’s house to help move furniture? How many would be trusted to pet sit a co-workers beloved pet? We are blessed with Andrew’s kind, gentle and generous spirit!

To celebrate Andrew’s 20th anniversary he asked to be crowned “King for a day”. He was man enough to wear a pink robe, red boa and gold crown, and did it all with a giant grin! Congratulations Andrew on your 20 years at The Westerly Nursing Home. We are all proud to call you our friend.